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September 1, 2020

Dear Chattanooga Ballet Families and Visitors,

Below is a detailed list of the protocols that Chattanooga Ballet will use to facilitate an opening that is as safe as possible. Please note that all students and families will be required to sign a Covid-19 related release. For all of our diligence, it is ultimately each family and student that must make the health choices that are best for them.

Note that the protocols include the wearing of masks. Requiring masks has been the source of controversy in some quarters. At the risk of sounding brusque, the use of masks is not a subject for debate. Masks are for the health of those around you and the health of the Chattanooga Ballet family is a primary concern. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Policies for Chattanooga Ballet Operations during Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities
  • Have students in designated areas while at the barre
  • Have students spread out while learning, demonstrating or waiting in center
  • Reduce combination lengths at barre and center
  • Wipe down barres before and after every class
  • Isolate students that show any symptoms in the quarantine area until being picked up by a parent
  • Do not share pens, devices or clothing with other teachers



  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities
  • Utilize outdoor seating options
  • Drop Off and Pick Up to reduce population of waiting area
  • Follow designated entrance and exit patterns
  • Keep sick students and siblings home
  • Observe social distancing guidelines



  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities (including during class)
  • Follow teacher provided direction and guidelines before, during and after class
  • Utilize hand sanitizer in studios
  • Reduce time in dressing room
  • Bring your own water container, water fountain will be shut off



  • Open all exterior doors and use box fans to increase ventilation through building
  • Daily clean all surfaces
  • Provide external seating
  • Provide designated entrances and exits
  • Check temperature of all employees every day
  • Reduce class sizes
  • Limit contact between employees, students and parents
  • Provide wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue and emergency masks
  • Establish quarantine area should someone demonstrate symptoms
  • Have all employees and patrons sign a waiver
  • Follow all local and federal government guidelines
  • Sick leave guidelines relaxed for employees
  • Post signage reminding everyone of social distancing, washing of hands, and cleanliness (in Spanish)
  • Reduce the use of small studios
  • Replenish stock of soap, wipes, toilet paper, tissue and hand sanitizer regularly
  • Limit rehearsal size


September 1, 2020


Chattanooga Ballet
817B North Market Street
Chattanooga, 37405 United States
(423) 265-0617