CB Covid-19 Policies


  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities
  • Have students in designated areas while at the barre
  • Have students spread out while learning, demonstrating or waiting in center
  • Reduce combination lengths at barre and center
  • Wipe down barres before and after every class
  • Isolate students that show any symptoms in the quarantine area until being picked up by a parent
  • Do not share pens, devices or clothing with other teachers


  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities
  • Utilize outdoor seating options
  • Drop Off and Pick Up to reduce population of waiting area
  • Follow designated entrance and exit patterns
  • Keep sick students and siblings home
  • Observe social distancing guidelines


  • Wear a mask while at the Chattanooga Ballet facilities (including during class)
  • Follow teacher provided direction and guidelines before, during and after class
  • Utilize hand sanitizer in studios
  • Reduce time in dressing room
  • Bring your own water container, water fountain will be shut off


  • Open all exterior doors and use box fans to increase ventilation through building
  • Daily clean all surfaces
  • Provide external seating
  • Provide designated entrances and exits
  • Check temperature of all employees every day
  • Reduce class sizes
  • Limit contact between employees, students and parents
  • Provide wipes, hand sanitizer, tissue and emergency masks
  • Establish quarantine area should someone demonstrate symptoms
  • Have all employees and patrons sign a waiver
  • Follow all local and federal government guidelines
  • Sick leave guidelines relaxed for employees
  • Post signage reminding everyone of social distancing, washing of hands, and cleanliness (in Spanish)
  • Reduce the use of small studios
  • Replenish stock of soap, wipes, toilet paper, tissue and hand sanitizer regularly
  • Limit rehearsal size

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